Untying Kotlin|Java or Kotlin which is better for Android Development.

Hey, Everyone, I am Prakash Mishra, I would like to tell you all the information regarding the Kotlin language, how to start learning this language, from where you can learn the language, why it is necessary to learn for android development, comparison between java and kotlin language as well as why developers are switched to this language and many more things.

What are the things you will get in this article:

  1. What is Kotlin?
  2. Why developers should learn Kotlin.
  3. Is Kotlin widely used in Android Development?
  4. Java v/s Kotlin.
  5. Companies are using the language as the central language.

1. What is Kotlin?

It is a statically typed, cross-platform language, simple and straightforward in nature. It was developed by Jet Brain in the year 2011. The main motive of developing this language is to add some new feature which Scala does not have such as compile time. It is one of the best languages to compile quickly as Java. In February 2012, JetBrain open-sourced the project under the Apache 2 license. It is fully interoperable with Java and it runs on the JVM(Java Virtual Machine) to execute its bytecode.

What is JVM?

JVM is a list of computer programming languages that provide a run time environment for JVM language on the Java Virtual Machine.

Following are the list of JVM languages:

  • Clojure.
  • Jython.
  • JRuby.
  • Groovy.
  • Scala.
  • and Kotlin.

According to Google, over 60% of the topmost 1000 apps on the Play Store use Kotlin.

How to learn Kotlin

There are a lot of platforms from where you can learn the language free of cost as well as from paid courses. Following are the list of all the platforms

1. YouTube

Learning Kotlin from YouTube is the best option because Firstly it is free and secondly you will get more resources and precise videos than any other platform and you will get more than one video on each topic because so many YouTubers have made a full course related to this language. So it’s good to learn from YouTube. I am not suggesting any YouTuber because I have not learned the language so I don’t know which youtube videos are good for learning the language. So it’s up to you to go and check out all the videos in the language and select anyone.

2. Udacity

Udacity is providing a full course on Kotlin language free of cost where you can learn from experts at Google. At the end of the course, you have that much experience and skills which help you to make your first project on the Kotlin language.

Here’s the link.

3. Paid Platforms

Some paid platforms are there such as Coursera and Udemy where you have to pay some money for learning the language. You can clear your basic concepts very easily which helps you to build your applications in a very limited time.

4. Articles

Kotlin has its own official website where you will get all the topics in detail with suitable examples.

Here’s the link.

2. Why Developers should learn the Kotlin language.

  • It is in high demand because of its increasing users. Day by day year by year more programmers are learning this language. It’s open-source which means that no one has to pay anything and for the developers, it’s a piece of cake for converting java code into Kotlin language.
no of users increasing every year
  • It is highly Interoperable with Java language which means that both programming language has the ability to share and communicate with each other their code. You can easily convert your code from kotlin to java or java to kotlin.
  • Null Safety– Most programming languages are not providing null safety. Null safety means that a variable cannot be null unless it is declared and the language helps you to eliminate NullPointerException’s from your code which is very important.
  • for eg: you have to use it? at the end of the variable.
  • fun add(a: string, b: string?){ // it means that b is a assigned to null now no one change the value of b. }
  • Tony Hoare said that it’s a “Billion dollar mistake” by not adding a null safety feature to all the language.
  • Syntax and boilerplate– Kotlin has done a very great job of reducing verbosity which is a very important thing in every language. It tries to reduce boilerplate as much as can and also work on syntax. In kotlin, you don’t have to write a semicolon.
  • Data classes– Data classes is a class that only store properties which the main purpose is to store data, not any operations which make the language better than java language and we can write classes in a minimum number of lines.
  • Extension functions– This property helps you to add new functions to any classes without changing anything in your source code. You can call these functions in the usual way.
  • Safe and reliable
  • And the main point of designing this language is for a better modern version of Java.
  • It is widely used in Android development( full explanation in next point), Server Slide, Javascript, and Native.

3. Is Kotlin widely used in Android Development?

Firstly lets us see what google says about Kotlin for using android development.

On 7 May 2019, Google announced that the Kotlin programming language is now its preferred language for Android app developers. Since the release of Android Studio 3.0 in October 2017, Kotlin has been included as an alternative to the standard Java compiler. The Android Kotlin compiler targets Java 6 by default but lets the programmer choose to target Java 8 up to 13, for optimization, or more features. source(Wikipedia)

By this survey it is clear that kotlin is mostly used for android.

So it’s a big yes that the language is used in Android Development for better enhancement and better approach than other languages ( java and c++) and it is very easy to set up and easy to use.

As I have mentioned all the features of the language(open source, null safety, extensions, verbosity, concise, etc) above. Following are some more points why you have to use the language for android development:

  • Lazy loading features– This is one of the best features for all app developers because every developer wants a faster loading speed which helps them to load their app in very little time. It helps them to load initial content faster and reduce startup time and slowly load all the features of the app.
  • Android jetpack and libraries– Android KTX extensions provided a lot of features such as Extension functions, Extension properties, Lambdas, Named parameters, Parameter default values, Coroutines to the Android libraries. which helps to write your code in the minimal line of code and reduces errors in your code.
  • Community– Kotlin has a very great community that is very supportive and helps you to solve your bugs.
  • Collections and streams– It is a modern programming language that knows how to deal with immutable collections. With the rich functional APIs, the language will automatically return all the collections.
  • Named parameters

4. Java v/s Kotlin

Which language is best for android development Kotlin or java?????

This is one of the most asked questions by all app developers. Before 2019 Java and C++ is the official language for android development but in 2019 google announced that Kotlin will the preferable language for app development.

Now all the java developers are sacred that we have to swap into Kotlin language but no need to worry. You don’t have to learn the language if you are a professional app developer in java language. Because firstly both the language is interoperable with each other that means you can change your code to both the language.

Secondly, Java and kotlin will run parallelly with each other java is not going anywhere and if you have learned java language then you know that kotlin is quite the same you just have to remove all the boilerplate from the java language that’s it.

following is the comparison between Java and kotlin language based on their features.
  1. Null SafetyKotlin provides a null safety feature whereas Java doesn’t have. In addition of this feature, developers do not have to write extra code which they have to write in java language. Tony Hoare said that it’s a “Billion dollar mistake” which can destroy your whole application.
  2. Compilation timeJava compilation time is faster than the kotlin language so you cannot be reliable to kotlin language for the bigger apps project.
  3. Community– Java is a very old language(approx. 25 years) and kotlin is still growing, so java has more community support than kotlin language. Your java bugs or problems can solve much faster than other languages.
  4. Extension functionsKotlin provides extension functions while java does not have. In java language, if you want to extend the functionality of existing classes then we have to create a new class and then inherit the class while in Kotlin you can extend your function without adding a new class.
  5. Checked ExceptionJava has checked exceptions whereas Kotlin doesn’t have. It helps all the developers to catch all the exceptions easily which ultimately helps to robust code and find errors easily.
  6. Language– Kotlin is both functional and procedural programming language which includes useful methods such as lambda, lazy loading feature, operator overloading, and many more wheres java is a procedural programming language not having functional language till java 8.

5. Companies are using Kotlin

Most of the companies are using the kotlin language as the central language for development because of their features. Kotlin language has more amazing features than java which definitely helps the developers to build applications much faster. These are some companies:

  • Google
  • Amazon
  • Netflix
  • Pinterest
  • Uber
  • Foursquare
  • Trello
  • Capital One
  • Coursera
  • Basecamp
  • Corda
  • JetBrains, and, many more.


I hope you enjoyed the article on the newest programming language Kotlin language. In conclusion, Kotlin is a very good language for all the developers or beginners who want to start their life as an android developer. Share with your friends and let me know that this article helps you or not and if you are a kotlin programmer then share your thoughts regarding the language that will help everyone.

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