How To Answer “Strengths And Weaknesses”

If you are preparing for the interview process then at some point, you may be asked to describe “What’s your strengths and weaknesses”.

What The  Interview Wants  To Know?

Here are some remarkable points that are extremely valuable to know and always remember these points while practising this question.

1) Do you know your strength or not? 2) Do you acknowledge your weaknesses 3) Could you do the job well? many more things

First: What’re Your Weaknesses?

It’s a good habit to start with your weaknesses so that at the end of your response you should end with positive strength.

When thinking about your weaknesses, it’s essential to choose the response that you are proactively working on or demonstrate steps you are taking to turn that weakness into a strength.

Second: What’re Your Strengths?

Now it comes about the strengths so you need to be specific. It sounds very simple to talk about strengths

You have to explain why it’s your strength? why you feel so? For e.g., if you are multitasking so you have given a strong example to the interviewer.

It’s very important to showcase your strengths related to the job profile. Read the job specification so that you can reveal the skill set for the job as your strengths.

You’ll need to be very realistic. Take stock of what you believe to be your personal strengths or ask a friend to help you identify what you’re good at.

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