The Best HTML and CSS Projects with Source Code

Are you looking for a project to practice HTML and CSS Projects with Source Code?

Creating  a Gym Website

In this project, you will learn some important concepts of HTML and CSS such as margin, padding, color combinations, heading tags, etc.

Source code available

Personal Portfolio

In this project, you have to develop a navigation bar where you have to add different sections such as about, contact, work or services, etc.

Source code available

A Simple Calculator

Creating a simple calculator is the simplest way to test your HTML and CSS skills even you don’t have basic knowledge still it’s a pretty good experience.

Source code available

Registration Form

Developing a registration form is the easiest project every beginner should try. If you are totally beginner then I will recommend you to build a registration form.

Travel  page

In this project you have to build a destination section, gallery, countries where you can go for vacations, exotic hotels for stay, and many more things.

Quiz  Page

This is a simple and basic level small project for learning purposes. Also, you can modify this system and develop a perfect advanced-level project.

The goal of this article is to guide you through the process of building your first project.

For completed source code