Want to earn money  but don't have any skills? Doesn't matter at all I will tell you how to earn without any skills!!!

Want to earn money but don’t have any skills don’t worry there are some Fiverr gigs that you can do while sitting and earn $300 per hour. 

Yes, you heard right you just have to do smart works.

Many new freelancers think what are the highest-paid or trending fiverr Gigs that will generate passive income but there will be high competition.

I will tell you 5 amazing Fiverr gigs with a very minimum competitions and definitely you will earn more than $100 every month.

1. Remove Background

You just have to remove the background of any images and trust me this can be done only in 1 minute. Simply use to remove background of any images

2. Into And Outro

Whenever you watch any YouTube video you have noticed there is an intro and outro video . Most of the YouTubers hire a freelancer. 

Use InVideo to create your video in just a minute.

3. Transcriptionist

Transcriptionist proposes that you just have to listen to audio carefully and type what you hear.

The faster you type the more you earn.

4. Comments On Blogs

Simply you just have to start commenting on their blogs.  This will help the owner of the site to get more backlinks and also increases ranking purposes and they will pay you.

5. Virtual Assistant

If you having excellent communication skills and phenomenal organization skills( keeping things organized) then this online job is for you.

I hope these 5 Fiverr Gigs helps you to earn money. If want to know how these fiverr gigs works in detailed way  then: