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Top 9 Unique JavaScript Animation Libraries To Use In 2022

JavaScript animation libraries you should know!!!

Whoever you are, whatever your background, it’s likely that you’re interested in animation. After all, what is the internet without animated gifs? A static picture? No, that’s not it!

The fact that you’re reading this means there’s something about animation and the web development process that interests you. Maybe you’ve been looking to create an app with some unique animation before and found yourself stumped by all the different libraries.

Or maybe you don’t know where to start and need a quick overview of how these libraries work and what they can do for those who want to animate their sites.

Currently, the web platform has come a long way recent years, and it’s now possible to animate anything using the powerful technology behind HTML5.

Websites like Google Maps and Facebook are utilizing animation to push the boundaries of what is possible on the web, but even small sites can benefit from animations.

Animation is a great way to provide user feedback and experience. Whether you need to show something is loading or show a user what happened, adding animation can make it more interactive and engaging.

However, there are many different types of javascript animation libraries that require different libraries. There are many javascript animation libraries for animation available, each with its own sets of advantages.

This article will teach you about the best javascript animation libraries for animation and how to use them.

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9 JavaScript Animation Libraries

1. ScrollReveal JS

javascript animation libraries

ScrollReveal is a JavaScript animation library for revealing any content on scroll. It’s lightweight, cross-browser compatible, and requires no dependencies.

The library works both on mobile and desktop devices, with touch support available only for the mobile versions. ScrollReveal is a javascript animation libraries that enable you to have a Reveal or a scroll-to-content JavaScript library that has different features than most other plugins.

For example, ScrollReveals can stack one after another, it can show multiple scrolls simultaneously, and it’s not limited to just images – you can scroll text too! br>br>ScrollReveals are designed to be used in place of the typical “infinite scrolling” page design.

This is because ScrollReveals allow you to load more content as your user scrolls down the page so the user never experiences the dreaded.

2. Three JS

javascript animation libraries

ThreeJS is a JavaScript library that simplifies the development of 3D scenes. It has a robust and efficient core, with a surprisingly easy learning curve. This open-source javascript animation libraries provides a unique value proposition by being one of the few out there that can be used entirely from within HTML5 canvas or through plug-ins with no dependence on external libraries.

ThreeJS can be used to create games, virtual reality applications, and other 3D animations. It’s important to note that ThreeJS isn’t a game engine or animation software like Unity or Blender. It’s a JavaScript library that uses WebGL to render graphics in the browser.

4. Anime JS

javascript animation libraries

Anime is a lightweight JavaScript animation library that can be easily integrated into any web project.

Anime has been developed from the ground up to provide a professional-quality animation system that works across all modern browsers and devices, as well as providing a complete set of features for Animators.

It is designed to produce expressive, natural-looking motion with a large variety of customizable options for tweening and easing.

The Anime project has been heavily influenced by the SMIL animation language and shares many of the same concepts and syntax. Anime loans itself well to a wide variety of uses: it can be used for subtle effects such as hover-reveals, or it can be used to create immersive experiences such as parallax scrolling websites or infinite canvases.

5. Mo JS 

javascript animation libraries

MOJS is a lightweight JavaScript library that’s perfect for mobile-optimized web apps. It uses progressive enhancement to provide improved performance for common UI interactions on mobile devices.

MO JS was created by the team at MessageOne, who are all former members of the jQuery Mobile team. The library is focused on providing an ergonomic user experience through the use of progressive enhancement and touch events.

6. Popmotion

The Popmotion library offers a set of high-performance animations and physics-based primitives for the web, powered by an open-source JavaScript engine.

Popmotion is built on top of three key technologies:

  1. Web Animations: A new W3C standard that makes it easier to animate and synchronize UI elements.
  2. Babel: The popular JavaScript compiler that converts ES6 code into browser-friendly JavaScript.
  3. Open Source Software: As with all our work, Popmotion is an open-source project licensed under MIT license.

It’s also great for embedding into any JavaScript application or game engines, like three.js or p5.js.

7. VelocityJS 

Velocity is a JavaScript library that allows you to add complex animations to your website. Velocity gives you the power to animate almost anything on the page, from images and text to buttons and whole pages.

You can add complex animations such as sliding effects, fades and 3D transforms with just a few lines of code. Velocity supports all modern browsers and Internet Explorer 9+.

Velocity also has an easy-to-use API that doesn’t require any JavaScript knowledge. Building animations in Velocity couldn’t be easier!

8. VivusJS 

VivusJS is a JavaScript library that can be used in web applications to turn data into interactive charts for business reports.

With Vivus JS, you can easily build charts with HTML5 canvas or SVG technology for desktop and mobile devices that are compatible with iOS, Android, Windows 10, and Ubuntu.

Vivus JS was designed by the team at Vivus Inc., which is always looking for ways to improve its product. Thus, they have become experts in charting libraries and created one of the best JavaScript libraries on the market today.

9. Ani JS

AniJS is a lightweight animation library that can be used to animate DOM elements, SVG, or CSS properties. It offers a declarative API (no JavaScript programming required) and best of all it’s really easy to get started with.

Ani JS is the perfect library for any project that needs some life injected into its visuals. Whether you want to animate an element on your page, make your logo bounce around the screen, or create an animated loading bar, Ani JS has you covered.

9. Lottie JS

javascript animation libraries

Lottie is an iOS and Android library that renders After Effects animations in real-time, with hardware-accelerated performance. It provides a simple API to display beautiful, performant animations from After Effects projects in your native apps.

Lottie uses both bitmap images and vector animations in order to provide the best possible experience on all screen sizes and pixel densities.


JavaScript animation libraries are a great way to provide user feedback and experience. Whether you need to show something is loading or show a user what happened, adding animation can make it more interactive and engaging.

I hope this blog helps you and how these javaScript animation libraries work.

If you find it helpful then please share it with your friend and colleagues and show some support. Let me know if you have any doubts please comment down.

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