The 7 Best C Programming Books For Every Coder In 2020

The 7 Best C Programming Books For Every Coder In 2020

Hey, Everyone, I am Prakash Mishra, I would like to tell you some of the best C Programming Books which help you to understand all the concepts from basics to advanced level, also it is written in a straightforward language.

C is a procedural programming language that was invented by Dennis Ritchie in 1972. It provides cross-platform programming and a good replacement of old programming language because that was very complex. Many companies are using C language as the main language such as Google, Microsoft, etc.

There are a lot of free resources like YouTube, websites, Articles, and Books from where you can learn to code free of cost and I have made an article on HOW BEGINNERS START TO LEARN CODING. To become a good programmer you have to learn from all the resources. It is essential to learn from books as it helps you clear your all doubts related to any topic.

Well, I have done a lot of research to save your time! research is based on

  1. How easy beginners can read a book.
  2. Concepts are clear in a very simple language or not.
  3. Latest version.
  4. Amazon reviews.

Following are some of the 7 Best Programming Books Which definitely help you to become a successful Coder.

1. C Programming Language:

The book is written by Brian Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie. The book is considered to be the best book for the C language because its author is Dennis Ritchie, inventor of the C language, and it’s amazing to learn from the inventor.

This book is very helpful for all the people who are thinking to start learning the C programming language. This book covers all the concepts in a very simple language and in detail.

This is the first book that introduced “Hello World” to the world which becomes standard programming in any programming language.

You can buy from here.

2. Let Us C:

The book is written by Yashwant Kanetkar, a very popular author in India. Some of his famous books are Understanding Pointers In C and Test Your C Skills.

Highly recommended to newbie who just started learning C language.

The main feature of this book is it covers all the theories in a very simple language and the best part is it has a lot of working examples that help you to learn concepts deeply.

Its is one of the best selling book in India.

You can buy from here.

3. Expert C Programming: Deep Secrets:

The author of the book is Peter Van Der Linden, an author who has written a lot of books on other programming languages( Java, Linus, and practical jokes).

The book is recommended to that programmer who has a basic knowledge of the C language not for the newbies and it is a secondary book that provides you advanced tips and tricks to become a successful coder.

You can buy from here.

4. Head First C: A Brain-Friendly Guide:

The author of the book is David Griffiths and Dawn Griffiths. It provides you a complete learning experience for C language and structured imperative programming.

Highly recommended to that programmer who wants to learn from basics to advanced level topic in a very easy way. The book provides you a lot of examples, quizzes, puzzles by which you can get that much of confidence by which you can solve problems within your mind. They also included projects.

You can buy from here.

6. Programming In ANSI In C:

The book is written by Prof. Dr. E. Balagurusamy, Indian educator, engineer, and author. One of the best book to learn all the basic concepts of the C language and the most popular C programming book in India.

The latest version in Seventh in which a lot of new and important topics are added such as “Graphic Programming using C”.

Nice book to understand all the topics such as arrays, functions, pointers, etc. and having a lot of examples at the end of all the chapters which helps you to build confidence.

Beginner friendly.

You can buy from here.

6. C Programming A Modern Approach:

The author of this book is K. N. King. The book is recommended for intermediate and advanced learners and all the topics are covered in a depth and very easy to understand.

You can buy from here.

7. C: The Complete Reference:

The book is written by Herbert Schildt, author, programmer, and musician. He has written books in various other languages and this is one of the popular books.

A very good book for beginners as well as for intermediate users.

You can buy from here.

This is not only 7 books for C programming. You can refer to any book but check a few things i.e. latest version or fully updated, good reviews, cost, all the topics are covered or not, etc. C language is very easy to learn but good resources will help you to learn more quickly. So try to get good books will help you to become a successful coder within a time.

Basically, to become a good coder you have to focus on learning logic and concepts, which is very important.


I hope you enjoyed the list. Select any one of them all is quite good books to learn C language. Share with your friends, coding clubs, or groups. Comment down If I have missed an important book and also comment down If you are using any book, give some review it will help viewers.

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