Tempting Features Of Vue.js That You Haven’t Heard Before

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Whenever a developer is working or developing any framework they always keep in mind that the framework should be better than any other framework in all sense. All the sense means by simply adding amazing features and also those libraries which other framework is lagging and to solve all the disadvantages which framework( such as Vue.js) is facing.

Now let us elaborate on which features I am discussing

According to the internet developers always choose that framework to build any applications which fulfill their requirement or how it is very easily suitable for that purpose. Here requirements indicate that the framework has very easy installation, an easy learning curve, provide core libraries, unit testing, scaling, how easily bug fixes, community support, and the most important is how much is it popular, and many more.

So it’s very important to keep in mind while choosing any framework. It will definitely help you to build any applications in a very limited period of time and also helps you to become a professional developer.

Now a very important question arises that which JavaScript framework is providing all these features.

So Hey, Everyone, I hope you all are doing amazing in learning to code. I am Prakash Mishra, and I would like to tell you all the remarkable information regarding the Vue.js Framework that is switching into popular front-end frameworks in the world. Let’s try to learn in a pretty certified design.

Basically, there are so many frameworks such as React, Angular, Vue.js, and many more. You can use anyone. In this, we will talk about Vue.js features and what are the advantages and disadvantages. Before that, I have already covered React and Angular and framework in every good way you can check out those blogs also. I the previous blog I have covered all the basic concepts of Vue.js i.e. what is Vue.js, why Vue.js, how to install it, and many more concepts. This is the second part of the framework. Let’s deep dive and learn the framework.

Official documentation of Vue.js: https://vuejs.org/

Following are the points we will discuss:

  1. What are Vue.js Features?
  2. Vue.js Advantages and disadvantages
  3. Attractive features of Vue3
  4. FAQ

What are Vue.js Features?

There are a bunch of amazing specialties of Vue.js that encourage you to learn the framework. Vue.js developers are trying their best to add all the fantastic features that help all brilliant programmers to write up code in a very limited period of time. These amazing features make the framework so much desire in the current epoch. So following is the list of the topmost 10 exceptional features that benefit you to experience the framework in very useful ways.

1. Virtual DOM

Vue.js uses Virtual DOM. DOM stands for Document Object Model. Basically, for every object that is present in the original DOM, there is an object in virtual DOM. So whenever we modify the application it does not change the original DOM, instead, it changes the virtual DOM which is present in the form of JavaScript objects. Whenever any changes are to be made, they are made to the JavaScript data structures and the latter is compared with the original data structure. After that, the user can see the final changes which are updated in the original DOM. It is cost-effective and the changes can be made at a faster rate.

2. Components

It is one of the most important concepts in Vue.js which is very necessary to understand very well. “Components are used to for creating custom elements which can be reused in HTML”

Source: Vue.js docs
Source: Vue.js docs

3. Transition and Animations:

Vue.js always provides you several methods to apply a transition to HTML elements when they are added or removed from the DOM. They have a built-in transition component that needs to be wrapped around the element for the transition effect. It also allows you to add third-party animation libraries so that users experience more interactivity.

4. Computed properties and Watchers:

Vue.js. supports listening to the modifications made to the UI elements and plays out a specified logic so there is no necessity for extra coding for this.

5. Data Binding:

It helps to manipulate or assign HTML attributes through which it speeds up HTML blocks. It’s a two-way communication that implies that whatever changes are made in the UI is passed to the data and all the changes in your data are reflected in the UI.

6. Templates:

HTML-based templates bind the DOM with the Vue.js instance data. Which compiles the templates into Virtual DOM Render functions.


It implies that Vue.js has some built-in directives such as v-if, v-else, v-show, v-on, and many more which are used for special purposes.

8. Easy learning curve:

As compared to other frameworks such as React, Angular Vue.js has easy learning curve.

9. Routing:

Vue.js has vue-router which help you to navigate between pages.

10. Community support:

According to a survey, numerous people are accommodating to Vue.js, which can make it more successful in comparison to another framework. There is good community support and all the developers are working on the different features of VueJS.

Now let’s look up to advantages and disadvantages of Vue.js


  1. Vue.js is very easy to learn as compared to other frameworks.
  2. It is very tiny in size.
  3. Vue uses Virtual DOM that is amazing.
  4. It also provides you component features through which we can easily reuse the code.
  5. Vue is a very scalable and versatile framework.
  6. Documentation is superb.


  1. Lack of common plugins.
  2. Small community.
  3. Too much flexibility.
  4. Language barriers.

Let us look what are the further features added in Vue3

Vue3 is officially the latest version which was officially released on September 18, 2020. In the latest, they have updated all the features. Let us look at some of them:

  1. Composition API: It is one of the most significant features that is added in Vue 3. Composition API is a collection of additive, function-based APIs that allow the flexible composition of component logic. It helps you to organize and reuse the code easily. In Vue 2 it was available as a plugin.
  2. Portals or Teleport: Teleport is firstly implemented in React framework. It helps you to deal with pop-ups, modals, and the components which appear on the top of the pages. Before that, we have used z-index, which we use to avoid CSS overriding of host components. 
  3. The Virtual DOM has been rewritten to make it faster mounting, patching, and faster rendering time.
  4. Vue 3 is totally written in TypeScript language and it also enhances the support.


1.Is Vue JS worth learning?

Ans:- As compared to other frameworks such as React, Angular Vue.js has a more easy learning curve that implies that it is easily learned by any beginners. And if we talk about the popularity and performance then vue is outstanding. It is totally powerful than other frameworks. So learning Vue.js is very immeasurable.

2.Is Vue JS easy to learn?

Ans: It’s very easy to understand the concepts of Vue.js by learning from their amazing documentations. Docs really cleared all the topics very well.

3.Is Vue JS dead?

Ans:- How is it possible to say that vue is dead. Vue.js is one of the topmost JavaScript frameworks which has so many unique features which other frameworks are lagging. According to the StackOverflow survey, Vue.js is the 3rd topmost loved web framework that is insane.


Vue is an amazing framework to build any applications, especially for web development. Because the framework is very lightweight that’s why it is user-friendly and the first choice for developers to build a quick and integrative web application. I hope you loved the article if yes then experience it with your programmer friend as well as other friends. And lastly, if you want to discover something more reported to the framework then comment below I will try my best to add to the article.

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