Will coding make You rich? I make $100 every month from coding

How to get rich by coding? I make $100 every month from coding

How to get rich by coding?

Will coding literally be beneficial to make money? How do I make $100 every month from coding?

I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.

– Bill Gates

So if you are a lazy person having a good knowledge of coding then Bill Gates is discovering you….. LOL😂.

Nowadays having at least basic knowledge of coding is very important to get to know how trending technologies are working. Be it the autopilot in an aircraft or digital speedometer in your bike, coding in various forms surrounds us. 

We are living in the 21st century where “Data Science and Machine Learning is the Future”.

Machine Learning is one modern innovation that has helped man enhance not only many industrial and professional processes but also advances everyday living. Every day almost 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is created because of that there is a huge demand for Data Scientist.

Coding is an amazing career because you got the opportunities to show your creativity, learning capability, problem-solving skills, and many more, and much of that opportunity is “Coding make you rich”.

Now you got to know about the importance of coding and want to start learning to code but somehow you are more interested in how coding makes you rich? So let’s understand how to start learning to code and how to get rich by coding.

Lastly, we will see how I make $100( even more than this) every month from coding and how coding make you rich in the first year of college

Let’s get started

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How Should I Start Learning Coding?

How to get rich by coding

Basically, this is a very obvious question from beginners who want to start learning to code but many of us are worried they need a computer science degree, they’re too old to start, they’re “not good at math” or that there are already enough programmers.

Let me tell you one thing there is no age limit to learning coding and doesn’t require any professional degree. In the current years, there is a huge job opportunity in the coding field with fat salaries.

Which Programming Language Should I Learn?

There are various programming languages such as Python, C/C++, Java, JavaScript, C#, Kotlin, etc. are coming up that are suited for different categories of developers (beginners, intermediate, and experts). As well as for different use cases (web application, mobile applications, game development, machine learning, data scientist, etc).

There exist several programming languages with their own specific purpose. They contain a unique set of keywords and syntax that are used to create instructions.

So It totally depends on your projects or you should go with the trending programming languages to learn.

Following are the top 5 programming language that is very easy to understand concepts and apply to your real-world problems.

  1. Python
  2. Java
  3. C/C++
  4. JavaScript
  5. Go

Resources to Learn Programming Languages

Coding make you rich

Now you have experienced which programming language is suitable for me now it’s time for resources. The most common approach which most people follow is you buy some programming-related books which some blog post or website has recommended or you go to some courses or tutorials on youtube (or any other resources) to start learning to code. And that’s how you have to start resources are very important in the beginning stage to keep interested.

Basically, there are numerous resources for beginner-level to advanced-level coders internet is full of coding courses that let you learn new languages in the privacy of your own home. 

To keep it simple for you I have listed down the top 10 coding websites that are really helpful to kick start your coding journey.

Top 5 Coding Websites To Learn Programming Language

Coding make you rich

Following are the top 5 amazing coding websites:

  1. GeeksforGeeks
  2. Udemy
  3. Codecademy
  4. freeCodeCamp
  5. W3Schools

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Furthermore, this is not only the way to learn coding YouTube is one of the best platforms to learn absolutely FREE. If you don’t have enough money to purchase any courses you can start learning through YouTube. After that join communities, read programming language books, Listen to a podcast, run through tutorials, try to build some projects, and many more.

Well after having a basic knowledge of any programming language it’s time to learn trending technologies such as Machine Learning, Data Science, Web Development, Game development, etc. According to Stack Overflow, these all are one of the highest paying jobs in 2021 and tend to receive the highest salaries so let’s see each one of them.

Top Highest Paying Technologies in 2021

coding make you rich

1) DevOps specialist:

DevOps engineer is an IT person who is a part of both development and operation means DevOps engineers work on code with the developer team, oversee the code releases, and also manage the deployment and operation processes. For proper integration and running of software, they work with the product operation team also. 

According to payscale the average salary of a DevOps engineer is approximately 7-8 lakhs per annum. Python, JavaScript, Ruby, and Go are mostly used programming languages by DevOps Specialists.

2) Data Scientist Developer:

Data Scientist knows and practice the art of Data Science. The super-popular term ‘Data Scientist’ was coined by DJ Patil and Jeff Hammerbacher.

Data Scientists are those scientists who crack complex data problems with their strong expertise in certain scientific disciplines. They work with many elements related to mathematics, statistics, probability, Quantitative and Qualitative forecasting, computer science, etc. 

According to payscale the average salary of a Data Scientist is approximately 7-8 lakhs per annum. Python, JavaScript, Scala, R are mostly used programming languages by Data Scientist Specialists.

3) Machine Learning Developer:

Machine Learning is a part of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and computer science which focuses on the usability of data and algorithms to imitate the way that humans learn, gradually improving its accuracy.

As the name suggests, is all about M. L. automatically without being explicitly programmed or learning without any direct human intervention. This machine learning process starts with feeding them good quality data and then training the machines by building various machine learning models using the data and different algorithms.

According to payscale the average salary of a Machine Learning is approximately 7-8 lakhs per annum. Python, R, Java, JavaScript are mostly used programming languages by Machine Learning Specialists.

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4) Full-Stack Developer:

It refers to the development of both front-end (client-side) and back-end (server-side) portions of the web application.

Full-stack web developers can design complete web applications and websites. They work on the frontend, backend, database, and debugging of web applications or websites. It mainly combines 2 technologies Front-end development and Back-end Development. You can choose either one of them.

Front-end Development: Front-end manages the part of the website or application which users can see with their naked eye and communicate with the website and perform some specific tasks. 

Back-end Development: It is that part of the website which a user can’t interact or we can say the backstage of the website. The back-end is also known as a “server-side” of the applications. 

It is mainly used to develop the backend configuration of the website. The activities such as collecting data, writing APIs, creating libraries all are done in the back-end.

According to payscale the average salary of a Full-Stack Developer is approximately 7-8 lakhs per annum. Python, JavaScript, Java, PHP, etc. are mostly used programming languages by Full-Stack Developer.

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So these are the some highest paying jobs in 2021 here you have to show your programming skills what you have learned till now. Lastly, you also have learned highest paying technologies it’s time to earn money from them. At this, we have to think about how coding makes you rich? how should I use my programming skills to generate revenues?

Top 3 ways to make money

One more thing I want to clarify It doesn’t matter how much coding knowledge you have even when I started I just have a knowledge of the basics C++ language.

Basically, there are numerous ways to make money by just sitting at your home doing a little hard work. Let’s discuss the top 3 ways to make money from coding even if you don’t have enough knowledge of any programming language.

1) Blogging

As a programmer, you can always start writing your own blogs on programming-related topics just like I do. If you are passionate about writing I will recommend starting your own website and writing blogs. There are two ways to start your website i.e. free and paid versions.

Basically in blogs, you can write about programming languages features, history, about your coding journey or anyone else journey, share industry news and write about other topics that interest you. You can also make a blog on free and paid courses that really help others or sell your own courses.

There are numerous ways to monetize your blog:

  1. Google Adsence
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. Sell courses and ebooks
  4. Sell coaching services, and many more.

Still have any doubts about how can I start Blogging I can help you ping on my Instagram account.

2) Freelancing


Freelancing is one of the best places where you can show your talent and get paid jobs or projects through which you can earn money and that’s how coding makes you rich. It comes with a lot of advantages. The best part this is one of the easiest and flexible jobs in the world. Nowadays people are switching their jobs to freelancing. You have all the freedom of working anywhere wherever you want. Once you’ve built up some reputation you should be able to make a decent amount of money.

There are numerous platforms such as FiverrUpwork, and Freelancer where you have to make your gig. If someone is interested in your gig then definitely they will contact you with some amazing projects. Following are the gigs you can start examining:

  1. Web programming.
  2. Desktop applications.
  3. Mobile applications.
  4. Game Development.
  5. Online coding lessons, and many more.

3) Internships

coding internships

This is one of my favorite ways coding makes you rich. Here you not only get a stipend but definitely gain a lot of knowledge from your seniors and have an amazing experience working as a team. Internships really help you to build your resume. Generally people after having a good amount of knowledge in any language they start applying for Internships.

Applying for internships of 3-6 months duration under different organizations/companies and earning a stipend per month. Once you pass the interview rounds, you get offer letters from companies mentioning your monthly stipend for the work you will be doing in the dedicated period of the internship.

There are a lot of websites to find Internships such as InternshalaIndeedLinkedIn, etc.

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How To Get Rich By Coding? (I earn $100 every month)

To begin with, it all started when I was in my first year of college. I started learning the C++ programming language at that time and some of my friends are doing blogging and they are earning huge money. So I started writing blogs on programming languages for them and for every blog they pay me $3-4. After a few months, I purchase my own domain and hosting and started writing on programming things.

After doing a little bit of hard work I got Adsense approval and here my life totally changes. I started earning through AdSense more than $100 and not only this I also started affiliate marketing, guest posting, content writing.

After that, I started learning JavaScript so that I should discover full-stack development in the depth. Furthermore, I apply for different internships for web developers and also started doing freelancing where I provide content creation. So these are the ways coding makes you rich from where I make more than $100 every month.

Wrapping Up

To begin with, started learning any programming language whether it will be Python, C/C++, Java, JavaScript. Python is said to be the easiest programming language for beginners.

Now it’s time to grab any highest paying technologies i.e. ML, AI, Data Science, Web Development, App development, and many more, and start applying for internships or full-time jobs. If you are a student apply for internships through LinkedIn, Indeed, Internshala, etc.

Start doing freelancing on Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer where you can show your coding skills, and even more than that. And that’s how coding makes you rich you can make $100 every month in your first year of college.

I hope this article helps you and clears your thoughts regarding coding. Share with your friends and try to connect with me on my social media handle. Peace.

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