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Getting Through JavaScript. Interactive Platforms For Learning J.S.

Hey, Everyone, I am Prakash Mishra, I would like to tell you all the information regarding the JavaScript language, what are JS, origin, features, JS frameworks and libraries, Why it is widely used in Web Development, Future and salary, and many more things.

What are the things you will get in this article:

  • What Is JavaScript?
  • How J.S. works on your browser.
  • What are good platforms for learning J.S?
  • What are the career opportunities?
  • Why Developers should learn JS for Web Development?
  • Companies are using the language as the primary language.

1. What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a client-side language and scripting language, a cross-platform that is essentially designed for creating dynamic websites or web pages alive. It is a highly successful language which is created by Brandan Eich, a Netscape employee in September 1995. it becomes one of the most powerful languages for all web developers for the development of web pages or programmers who are working on the Internet in a just few years(approx 20 years)

What is Scripting language?

A scripting language is a programming language in which the tasks will execute one-by-one by a human operator, it is often interpreted rather than compiled. source(Google)


In the earlier time(something in the year 1900) web pages are not dynamic they are static so developers are facing a lot of problems. So Netscape decided to make a scripting language with the help of Brandan Eich. Firstly it was originally named as ”Mocha”, after that “Mona”, and then renamed to “LiveScript’ and finally after 3 months, it becomes “JavaScript”.

What is ECMAScript?

ECMAScript(European Computer Manufacturers Association Script) is also a programming language that is developed by Netscape and Microsoft. It widely used scripting language on the WorldWideWeb to ensure that Web pages are working absolutely perfectly in different browsers.

In the year 1996, Netscape successfully submitted JavaScript to ECMA International, It conforms to the ECMAScript specification. After that, it was the official release of the first ECMAScript language in 1997.

Firstly, it releases ECMAScript2 in 1998 after then ECMAScript in 1999, and right now we are using ECMAScript2020(ESMA2020).

Now, most people think that JavaScript and ECMAScript are the same but ECMAScript is a standardized specification of a scripting language such as JavaScript, JScript, etc. wonderful

These are some wonderful features of JavaScript language:

  • Object-Centered Script Language: It is widely used in JavaScript as the concepts of class and OOP are more developed. Object-Centered Script Language built-in the object and javascript have a window object. This is widely used for features like polymorphism. Some common example of Object-Centered Script Language is javascript, Visual Basic, etc.
  • Client edge Technology: It’s a very important feature that was added in the javascript language. As JavaScript is a client-side language so the developers do not have to learn different languages for server-side and client-side because javascript can do both things. This feature is very helpful for web developers.
  • Validation of User’s Input: It is the most used feature as every developer used in their web pages. It is used to fill the forms on their websites so that clients get all the information regarding their queries or any suggestions. This feature helps the client to check that all the information is correct or not before sending it to the server.
  • Interpreted language: JavaScript is an Interpreted language which means that J.S. code is often interpreted rather than compiled. It means that it allows the user to get the output without the help of any compiler.
These are some more features:
  • Else and If Statement: It is used to execute a specified code if it is true.
  • Platform Independent: It is a Platform Independent which means that you can write your J.S. code once time and you can easily run on any other platform or any browser such as Windows, Macintosh, Netscape- supported system without affecting their output.
  • Date and Time: Basically it has a built-in function for determining date and time which many other programming languages do not have. You just have to use the .getDate method.
  • Ability to perform In Built Function: J.S. has a lot of built-in functions which helps all the developers to use in their web pages to perform any activities.
  • Case Sensitive language: J.S. is a case-sensitive language which means that the language will treat capital and small letter differently so you have to take care of this thing.
  • It’s Light Weight and delicate.
  • J.S. is a Prototype-based language.

2. How J.S. works on your browser

J.S. always works on your browser, so you have to write your J.S. code and every browser has its own built-in interpreter like the J.S. engine of Firefox is SpiderMonkey and opera, and chrome has V8 so their works are to read the J.S. code and runs on your webpage.

3.What are good platforms for learning J.S?

There are a bunch of platforms where you can begin learning JavaScript and become a skilled developer who has a pretty good knowledge of the language. I am also learning Web Development to become a Full Stack Web Developer. If you want my suggestion then I am learning from YouTube where plenty of genuine YouTubers are there who are doing an amazing job to make a full course on Web Development Free of cost.

Following is the list of all the YouTubers account, some useful articles, and some well-paid courses which are available to learn JavaScript.

  1. CodeWithHarry- He made an entire course on JavaScript language as well as if you are learning Web Development then this a full course in which you can learn all the three languages(HTML, CSS, JavaScript). It is an updated course in which you will get some good projects and he also made excellent courses on other programming languages so check out his youtube channel.

2. Hitesh Choudhary- He is an amazing person who has a very good knowledge of programming languages. He made a full course on JavaScript as well as other programming languages. So check out his YouTube channel.

3. GeekForGeeks- It’s a website that is popular for learning any language and doing the coding. Every programmer knows this website for learning anything.

Here’s the link.

4. W3School- It’s a very helpful website to learn right from basic topics to advanced topics very easily with the help of examples.

Here’s the link.

4.Why Developers should learn J.S. for Web Development?

JavaScript is one of the popular languages by which developers are executing so wonderful website and mobile applications. Even the language is also used in the production of real-time chat applications, command-line tools, and especially games. But because of their excellent specialties, it helps the language to use in web pages more. With the help of 3 languages(HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) you can easily build your own website. Now how these 3 languages work on your web pages. Following are the features of these 3 languages:

  1. HTML– It stands for HyperText Markup Language. It is used to design the structure of the web pages. With the help of Headings, images, navigation bars, etc we can easily establish a beautiful website. You can easily check the HTML of all the website by just right click of the mouse and go to page source you will get all the HTML tags( it will look complicated).
  2. CSS– CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. It is used to give a beautiful design to your web page. With the help of font-size, color, font-family, background images, etc. you can build a beautiful website so it’s up to you how amazing a website you can make.
  3. JavaScript– As you know J.S. is used for the development of web pages.

Undoubtedly JavaScript is very popular for web development.

5. Libraries and frameworks

Firstly let us define What is libraries and frameworks?. Libraries are the set of JavaScript codes that are used for the development of J.S. applications. And Frameworks are the collection of JavaScript libraries that having some set of rules to perform tasks. The main difference between Libraries and Frameworks is the set of rules, libraries have some less rule compared to frameworks. Secondly, whenever you have the power to call the code then it will be libraries on the other hand if Frameworks has the power to calls your code for further development then it is a framework. So both are a really different and very significant concept which is frequently asked in interviews so always keep in your mind.

But what is the need for Frameworks: To make your work easier. Developers always try to write less code and this helps you by providing pre-written codes and ready-to-use functions and many more things which quite save time. So Frameworks play a hugely vital role in designing Web pages. Following are the list of Frameworks which are very popular:

  • Node.js
  • ReactJs
  • Angular
  • Vue.js
  • jQuery
  • Electron

6.Career Opportunity

JavaScript is the most popular language on earth, according to the survey conducted by Stack Overflow.

Companies are hiring JavaScript developers in a huge way depends upon their talent. There are plenty of jobs that are there while learning the JavaScript language. According to the survey, Javascript developers are more in demand than any other language. Following are the list:

  • Front-End Developer
  • Back-End Developer
  • Full-Stack Developer
  • DevOps  Engineer
  • UI Designer
  • UX Designer, and many more.

6.Companies are using the language as the central language

Most of the companies are using the JavaScript language as the primary language for development because of their attractive features. J.S. is simple and easy to use and j.s developers are in huge demand that’s why companies are using J.s. in building up their web pages. following are the companies that are using JavaScript language:

  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Uber
  • PayPal
  • Netflix
  • Facebook, and many more.


JavaScript becomes one of the most popular languages for Web Development. If you are thinking to start your journey in J.S. then this will be the best decision in your life because JavaScript developers are huge in demand so you have a future you can easily get a job or you can become an entrepreneur or freelance with a good amount of salary and JavaScript is not that much hard as the other language are. I tried my best to tell you all the information regarding the language and lastly try to learn in a fun way.

I hope you liked the article if yes then share it with your programmer friend as well as other friends. If this article helps you then comment on which things you liked and if a you are a JavaScript programmer then share your thought regarding the language. And lastly, if you want to learn something else related to the language then comment down I will try my best to add to the article.

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