Free Microsoft Digisaksham Certification Courses

Free Microsoft Digisaksham Certification Courses on Java & Python.

Microsoft Digisaksham Certification!!!

As we all know Java and Python are one of the most popular and famous languages and these languages are the first priority for beginners.

As a beginner it’s very important to choose a perfect course which is really beneficial and most important it should be absolutely free. So looking at you guys as a beginner Microsoft Digisaksham is launched a free course on Java, Python, MS Excel, and many more.

Basically, it will be very advantageous to kick start their programming languages journey with Microsoft, and in the end, they are also providing certification that is really valuable.

Previously, Microsoft Digisaksham is offering excel and python courses and now they have updated their platform and delivered more additional courses.

Let’s understand in a brief way.

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Microsoft Digisaksham Free Certification Courses

Microsoft Digisaksham Certification Courses

Basically, Digisaksham is a public-private initiative to upskill job seekers for better employability across India. So looking at the job seekers Microsoft and NICS have come together and offered an absolutely free course on various languages.

Basically, Microsoft is collaborated with and NICS has come together to train job-seekers registered on the NCS portal on digital skills, with a focus on rural and urban youth.

This project will substantiate the government’s ongoing efforts to protect the interests of youth specifically from rural and semi-urban cities by up-skilling them to enhance their employability skills.

List of Courses Offered

Following are the courses Digisaksham is offering:

  1. Excel
  2. Python
  3. Azure
  4. Java
  5. Security Fundamentals


After completing any courses you will get verified Microsoft certificates that will be government-approved.

How to Apply for Microsoft Digisaksham Free Certification Courses?

To apply for the courses CLICK HERE.

To contact me here’s my Instagram link: untied_blog

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