Intro to Data Structures and Algorithms by Grow with Google

FREE Intro to Data Structures and Algorithms by Grow with Google

The FREE course from Grow with Google!!!

Hey coding enthusiasts it’s a great time to start learning Data Structures and Algorithms with Google. Yes, you heard it right Google is providing a FREE course on DSA on the Udacity platform where anyone can access.

Basically, starting your DSA with Grow with Google is one of the best options for a beginner or intermediate level coder to learn DSA concepts or you can enhance your skills set and boost your hirability through innovative, independent learning.

In this blog, we will go through what you’ll learn, course overview, syllabus, eligibility criteria, Prerequisites and Requirements, and how you can access this course for FREE.

Let’s get started

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DSA Course Overview Through Grow with Google

Data Structures and Algorithms by Grow with Google

To begin with, the Intro to Data Structure and Algorithms course is a duration of 4-weeks that really helps you to introduce yourself to basic concepts of Data Structure and Algorithms concepts in the Python language.

This course is a very rich learning material that mainly targets the fundamental things so that you can strong your basic concepts very well.

Furthermore, students will go through frequently-asked technical interview questions and learn how to structure their responses. This is really important to get familiar with the interview questions so that you can prepare yourself in a better way.

Since you have learned all the concepts it’s time to check your abilities by answering practice problems and quizzes.

Lastly, you’ll practice mock interviews to get specific recommendations for improvement. Be ready for anything the technical interviewer throws at you.



MODE OF DELIVERY: Video and Text-based.


TIMELINE: approx. 4-weeks.

SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate.

What you’ll learn

Following are the concepts of DSA you’ll learn through this course by Grow with Google:

Lesson 1: Introduction and Efficiency

  • Firstly, A basic introduction to topics covered in this course.
  • Furthermore, Practice describing efficiency with code snippets.
  • Lastly, learn the definition of efficiency as well as an explanation of the notation commonly used to describe efficiency.

Lesson 2: List-Based Collections

  • Learn the formal definition of a list, see definitions and examples of list-based data structures, arrays, linked lists, stacks, and queues.
  • Examine the efficiency of common list methods, and practice using and manipulating these data structures.

Lesson 3: Searching and Sorting

  • Firstly, explore how to search and sort with list-based data structures, including binary search and bubble, merge, and quick sort.
  • Furthermore, examine the efficiency of each and learn how to use recursion in searching and sorting.
  • Lastly, see and write examples of these methods, as well as more sorting algorithms like insertion sort.

Lesson 4: Maps and Hashing

  • Understand the concepts of sets, maps (dictionaries), and hashing.
  • Examine common problems and approaches to hashing, and practice with examples of hash tables and hash maps.

Lesson 5: Trees

  1. Learn the concepts and terminology associated with tree data structures.
  2. Investigate common tree types, such as binary search trees, heaps, and self-balancing trees.
  3. See examples of common tree traversal techniques, examine the efficiency of traversals and common tree functions, and practice manipulating trees.

Lesson 6: Graphs

  • Examine the theoretical concept of a graph and understand common graph terms, coded representations, properties, traversals, and paths.
  • Practice manipulating graphs and determining the efficiency associated with graphs.

Lesson 7: Case Studies in Algorithms

  • Explore famous computer science problems, specifically the Shortest Path Problem, the Knapsack Problem, and the Traveling Salesman Problem.
  • Learn about brute-force, greedy, and dynamic programming solutions to such problems.

Lesson 8: Technical Interviewing Techniques

  • Learn about the “algorithm” for answering common technical interviewing questions.
  • See how to clarify and explain practice interview questions using the concepts taught in this course, and get tips for giving interviewers exactly what they’re looking for in an interview.

Lesson 9: Practice Interview

  1. Use Pramp to meet with another Udacity student and get live technical interview practice.

Prerequisite and Requirements

  1. You should have a good spoken and written English.
  2. Students must be proficient in intermediate algebra and python.

Eligibility Criteria

Basically, if anyone wants to apply for DSA with Grow with Google no need for any prior experience anyone can apply for the course.

How to apply

To apply for DSA with Grow with Google: Click here.


1. Where do candidates apply for the qualification course?

Ans: The DSA course by Grow with Google is on the Udacity platform for Free. Anyone can access it.

2. Is it a Free course or paid course?

Ans: DSA course by Grow with Google is an absolutely FREE course for everyone.

3. What are things you will their lessons?

Ans: Firstly it divides the course into 9 lessons where they have started with Introduction and Efficiency, List-Based Collections, Searching and Sorting, and many more concepts.

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