Day 2: Conditional Statement: If-Else| HackerRank Solutions

Conditional Statement: If-Else JavaScript

Hello programmers, today we are sharing proper solutions with all test cases passed on 10 Days of JavaScript by HackerRank.

As you all know JavaScript is the most popular and most challenging programming language to conquer but nowadays it’s not. There are some amazing platforms where that provide challenges in different languages and HackerRank is one of them.

In this challenge, we learn about if-else statements. 

Before checking out the solution it’s highly recommended to do it by yourself first because these challenges will help you to think about how to deal with these real-world problems.

Let’s get started.

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Problem: If-Else in JavaScript

if-else javascript

Overview: 10 Days of JavaScript| HackerRank Solution

function getGrade(score) {
    let grade;
    // Write your code here
    if(score>25 && score<=30){
    else if(score>20 && score<=25){
    else if(score>15 && score<=20){
    else if(score>10 && score<=15){
    else if(score>5 && score<=10){
    else if(score>0 && score<=5){

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