Coding Ninjas CodeKaze: India's largest Coding Competition.

Coding Ninjas CodeKaze: India’s largest Coding Competition.

Hey coding enthusiasts it’s a great time to channelize your inner Ninja as Coding Ninjas CodeKaze is back again with another edition i.e. India’s most awaited Online Coding Event.

The event will see budding coders from India’s Premier Tech Institutions go head-to-head against each other as they put their coding skills to the test to win exciting cash rewards up to Rs. 10 Lakhs and internship interview opportunities with Coding Ninjas!!

To begin with, this is an amazing platform to show your coding skills and win exciting prizes and if you are looking for coding competitions then start your November month with Coding Ninjas CodeKAze. Furthermore, If you are a beginner-level coder and want to know how coding competitions appear what type of questions will ask.  

It would be really beneficial for all the enthusiasts there to get clarity regarding coding competitions.

Let’s see some details what are the instructions you should know before registering for the CodeKaze.

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What is Coding Ninjas?

For those who don’t know about Coding Ninjas It is an online Edtech company providing the highest-rated programming courses in Java, C++, React, Machine Learning, Android Development, Data Science, and many more.

Coding Ninjas provide Industry relevant programming courses for students and working professionals with the help of industry mentors and faculty from IITs, IIITS, NIT, and Stanford.

What is Coding Ninjas CodeKaze?

Coding Ninjas CodeKaze

Basically, It’s an online coding competition that is aimed to benefit a wide range of coding enthusiasts. The online event has foreseen the participation of more than 1,00,000 students from 1500+ India’s Premier Tech Institutions who have actively participated in this event.

Coding Ninjas CodeKaze will be live on 15 Nov 2021 from 7 pm – 11 pm IST. The content window is of 4 hours, but the duration is only 3 hours. You can log in anytime between 7-11 PM but take an attempt for a maximum of 3 hours with the test ending at 11 PM IST.

What are the Rewards?

Basically, rewards are based on different-different categories such as Country-level rewards, Academic year-wise rewards, College wise registration rewards, and very exclusive for Nasscom Futureskills Prime users. So let’s see each reward structure in a detailed way.

1. Country-level rewards

Coding ninjas CodeKaze

2. Academic year-wise rewards

3. College wise registration rewards

Coding ninjas CodeKaze

4. Exclusive for Nasscom Futureskills Prime users

Coding ninjas CodeKaze

*Note: If you are eligible for overall rank 1, and rank 1 from the final year. In that case, you will receive prize money for only one category with the highest prize money. For other categories, people on the rank list next to you will be eligible.

Is their internship opportunity available through CodeKaze?

Yes, at Coding Ninjas they have multiple hiring partners, we will push the resumes of top scorers to the recruiters. However, they can’t promise a job guarantee.

How to Apply

To apply for Coding Ninjas CodeKaze: Click here.

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