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Coding Ninjas Career Camp is the best chance to place in FANG.

Yes, you heard it right are you a final year college student, recent graduate, or an IT professional working on a big MNC then Career camp is a platform where they teach you trending technologies in the span of 9 months and they have a dedicated placement team to help you land the best career opportunities.

Coding Ninjas is started their Career Camp where they provide you rigorous and dedicated Bootcamp programs to accelerate your learning and make you job-ready for a career in technology.

The Ninjas Career Camp is a great opportunity for both final year students and graduates to increase their chances of getting hired by excellent companies. With the help of skilled faculties from institutes such as Stanford, the IITs, IIIT-D, and DTU, this coding Bootcamp will ensure that you become job-ready.

Basically, placements are going on and everyone wants to place in giant companies so Coding Ninjas are there who help you by place in Top companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Flipkart, etc.

What is Coding Ninjas Career Camp?

Coding Ninjas Career Camp

The Ninjas Career Camp is an online Bootcamp in India for coding and career preparation. This is one of the best opportunities for budding programmers to gain entry into leading companies. Coding Ninjas has been able to ensure its alumni excellent job roles in these companies which do not just pay well but provide a great work experience.

The classes are orchestrated by industry experts such as CEOs, CTOs, and domain professionals. All the faculties are experts in their respective fields, and the Bootcamp follows state-of-the-art teaching methodologies through interactive classes backed by a well-planned syllabus.

This career camp is one of the most flexible Bootcamps out there that allow students to enroll themselves without any upfront fee and the option to pay the fees only after being guaranteed a job or being placed in a company of choice. However, one must first appear for the entrance examination in order to get the chance to participate in the career camp.

What are the benefits of enrolling in Career Camp?

There are plenty of benefits that both experienced and budding programmers can extract from this specialized career camp. Following are the benefits:

  1. No need to pay a single money before getting a job: Enrolled Ninjas only need to pay once they start working. Students can either choose to pay the whole amount at once after landing the job offer or they can opt for paying through smaller payments or instalments for up to three years.
  2. No registration fee: Eligible candidates do not need to pay any security deposits and there aren’t any registration fees as well.
  3. Coding Classes & Live Webinars by Expert Faculty: The online coding Bootcamp is hosted by industry experts such as professionals working in Amazon, Adobe, Google, Siemens and Facebook. This specialised coding Bootcamp boasts of faculties and teaching assistants from Stanford, various IITs, IIIT-D, DTU, and many world-class companies.
  4. One-on-one sessions with experts: There are 15 one-on-one sessions that are arranged for each candidate and are mostly geared towards either the candidate’s topics of interest or towards doubt-solving. 
  5. Participate in real-time projects and contests: Basically, this coding Bootcamp allows students to work on multiple real-world projects as well as live development processes in order to gain more experience via applying and honing their skills.

There are many coding contests and hackathons as well which allow students to test their abilities. alongside other students and compete with them. 

6. Extensive placement support: There are dozens of opportunities coming towards Ninjas after completing their Career Camp from MNCs, established firms, and startups. Ninjas get exclusive access to these interviews after completing the placement examinations and scoring well there.

How to Enroll in Career Camp?

Basically, to enroll they have separately 2 different plans for you( we will discuss them later). After selecting any one of them you have to put your basic details like your name, college name, branch, pass out the year, and many more things. Lastly, you need to attempt a simple aptitude & coding test that typically takes < 90 minutes.

Now let’s see the plans:

1. Career Camp Freshers:

It’s a 9-month Coding Bootcamp for aspiring web developers, to acquire the necessary skills for their dream job.

*Note: Only for the final year, recent graduates and < 15 months Exp.

This incredible coding Bootcamp will last for approximately 9 months and will cover programming, computing, and data science extensively. Here are the different topics that will be covered in five different phases.

2. Career Camp Professionals

It’s a 9-month Coding Bootcamp in Full Stack Web Development designed for IT working professionals aspiring to make that switch to their dream job

  • Minimum Salary commitment of 8 LPA​
  • Switch from a service to a Product based company​
  • Dedicated placement support

*Note: Only for IT working professionals with at least 15 months of experience in the IT domain.

How your next 9 months will look like​

Phase 1| Month 0-4​​

Started with programming and master data structure

  • To begin with, learn the essentials of programming along with writing optimised code in terms of time & space, recursion and OOPS concepts using Java
  • Furthermore, get familiar with most common ways of organising your data using LL, Stacks, Queues, Trees, BST and Hashmaps
  • Lastly, learn to store and access complicated real world data more efficiently with the help of Priority Queues, Tries, Graphs and Dynamic Programming

Solve 350+ coding problems | Ready to crack any DS & Algo interview round.

Phase 2 | Month 5-6​

Let’s build Some Amazing Responsive Websites

  • Learn key technologies for creating interactive and stunning Websites – HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery & Ajax
  • Work on some really cool projects from starting to deployment involving Music Player, Calculator, some games etc
  • 2 Mock interviews and 1:1 domain expert sessions & 2-3 live webinar sessions per week for discussions & problem solving

At last, become a Front End Developer | 4 Projects Completed | 1 Live Project with deployment.

Phase 3 | Month 7-8​

Write scalable backend servers using Nodejs

  • Learn to create your own servers, use database to store data, build APIs and deploy your apps for the world to use using NodeJs
  • Create some end to end usable projects such as Todo List, Social Media Website, Habit Tracker, Expense Manager etc
  • 2 Mock interviews and 1:1 domain expert sessions & 2-3 live webinar sessions per week for discussions & problem solving

Become Full Stack Developer | 4 Projects Completed | 1 Live Project with deployment.

Phase 4 | Month 9​

Learn another amazing library for frontend, React

  • Take your JS skills to next level with React, Redux, Context API, React Router and React Hooks
  • Work on some amazing projects
  • 2 Mock interviews and 1:1 domain expert sessions & 2-3 live webinar per week sessions per week for discussions & problem solving

Become master of Front End | 1 Live Project with Deployment.

Phase 5 | Month 9 onwards​

Grab additional skills and gear up for placements

  • To begin with, learn to build scalable and robust systems using System Design concepts
  • Furthermore, learn the pre-requisites for clearing any tech interview, aptitude, Operating Systems, DBMS and SQL
  • Lastly, create an impressive resume through multiple personal review sessions and prepare for HR and non-tech rounds through and take your soft skills to next level

Land your dream job

Wrapping Up

Coding Ninjas is one of the best platforms to learn to code and they have the world’s best courses on different programming languages and different trending technologies such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Web development, and many more.

I hope you really loved it please share it with your friends and colleague and tell about this event. It will be fun to participate in and place in big companies.

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