Breaking Down The Myths About ReactJS And React Native.

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Hey, Everyone, I hope you all are doing amazing in learning to code. I am Prakash Mishra, and I would like to tell you all the extraordinary information regarding ReactJS and React Native that is the completeness of the numerous emerging and switching into popular libraries and frameworks in the world. Let’s try to learn in a pretty certified design. If you have a background in Web Development then you can understand that frameworks and libraries are so much important to build a website.

Before that, I have already made a full article 5 Remarkable Features of ReactJS | Is ReactJs a library or framework?. So in this article, we will discuss what is React Native, What is ReactJS, Is both of them are the same? and What’s the difference between ReactJs and React Native? and we will also see some features. Are you interested to learn and want to get all the information regarding the frameworks?. So this article is completely for you in which I have included all the kinds of stuff linked to the frameworks.

Following are the questions which we will discuss in this article:

  1. What are ReactJs?
  2. What is React Native?
  3. Is ReactJs and React Native the same?
  4. What’s the contrast between ReactJs and React Native?
  5. Which is better ReactJS or React Native?

What is ReactJs?

React logo
React logo

React(also known as React.js or ReactJs) is an open-source, declarative, efficient front-end JavaScript library that is specifically designed for building interactive UIs(User Interface). It is developed by Facebook in 2011. It’s a component front-end library that is responsible for the view layer of applications. React is a “V” in MVC( Model-View-Controller).

Currently, ReactJS is ranked #1 as the best framework among web developers. Almost 475k sites are using React. Some giant companies such as Facebook, Netflix, Airbnb, Reddit, Tesla, etc are using React.

Official site of ReactJs

What is React Native?

React logo
React logo

React Native is a cross-platform mobile application framework that is formulated by Facebook in 2015. It is designed by Jordan Walke. It is essentially used in JavaScript as a base language for developing native rendering mobile applications for Android and iOS. React Native is very comparable to React for the Web, It is mainly written in JavaScript and JSX(also known as JavaScript XML).

Official site of React Native.

Is ReactJs and React Native the same?

ReactJs and React Native are completely unconventional in terms of applications. ReactJs is used for creating Web applications whereas React Native is used for creating mobile applications. It simplifies that the syntax and workflow will remain the same, but components will change.

What’s the contrast between ReactJs and React Native?

  1. Applications: ReactJs is the most suitable choice to build high-performing, dynamic and responsive UI for web interfaces. While React Native is the fittest choice to build mobile applications and gives them a complete essential feeling.
  2. Setup and Bundling: If you have to formulate any project in ReactJS then you will choose which libraries are more suitable to use in a project. For that, you have to download it externally with React. While React Native provides you Native Modules and Native Components which come with React Native. No need to download externally. That’s why it saves a lot of time and money for the developers.
  3. Live Reload: ReactJS does not support active reload features whereas React Native comes with the live reload features.
  4. Firstly the applications which are developed by ReactJS uses HTML in UI. While React Native uses JSX( also known as JavaScript XML) for rendering in UI. Secondly, ReactJS uses CSS for styling while React Native uses stylesheet.
  5. Animations: In ReactJS animations is very easy to do by simply using CSS. But in React Native no need to use CSS( Bye Bye CSS animation). You will different ways to animate. By using ANimated API we can easily animate the components which are using in the apps.
  6. Navigations: In ReactJs, The React router is applied so as to navigate the web pages in a web application based on ReactJS.Whereas, React Native makes use of its own Navigation library for navigating mobile applications.
  7. Templates Rendering: React relatively more beneficial in styling the applications because it supports external libraries and third-party libraries. Whereas React Native uses Native platform APIs for styling. And it doesn’t support too many external libraries and third-party libraries.
  8. Learning Curve: React is not very difficult to understand or learn. But if you are a beginner then you will feel a few difficulties learning. While React Native is very easy to learn as everything is readily available. So Learning curve of React is more.

Which is better ReactJS or React Native?

As we have seen so many points regarding both of them and we can conclude that both of them having their own importance on their own field. ReactJs is best suited for creating Web applications and React Native is best for creating mobile applications. If we see the community support of both of them then it’s great. Millions of developers are using both of them and contributing their best to their community support. Consequently, countless developers are using both of them in their daily ways and they are dependable on both of them. Both of them have their own pros and cons and we have to see all of them while choosing anyone of them.


I hope you loved the article if yes then experience it with your programmer friend as well as other friends. If this article helps you then comment on which things you liked and if you have knowledge of frameworks then share your thought regarding the frameworks. And lastly, if you want to discover something more reported to the language then comment below I will try my best to add to the article.

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