About Me


Hey everyone, I Prakash Mishra, a part-time Blogger, and a college student. Currently, I am doing Engineering in Computer Science Branch. I am the one and only author and owner of this website. I live in Pune, India with my Family. 

What is UntiedBlogs?

UntiedBlogs is a website that is completely devoted to all the programming languages. All the articles or blogs are linked to programming languages. You will get all the knowledge of a language such as Definitions, History, Features, Platforms to learn, career, and companies that are using that language. My principal motivation for writing a blog on languages because every newbie who just started learning a new language suffers a lot of dilemmas. I am just trying my best to give all the information in one article so that they cannot encounter any problem.  

Why I have chosen Blogging?

Almost 6 months back in the lockdown period I want to start something either YouTube or Blogging. But I am not getting too much interest in YouTube that’s why I have decided to do Blogging. 

Blogging is one of the best platforms to share your knowledge with everyone and also dreaming of big money, working from home in your yoga pants, having time to spend with your family, and get time to study for my college exams that is amazing. I can write blogs wherever I want.

Why I have Chosen Programming Language?

There are some valid reasons to start writing blogs on Programming Languages. Firstly, I just want to help every programmer or developer to learn the language or implement it in a great way. When I was a Beginner I don’t have that much knowledge about the online website from where you can learn as well as do Coding. So I just thought why not make an individual Blog in every language in a brief where programmers can get everything whatever they want. Secondly, I am a College student I always do coding. Right now I am learning Web Development so I just want to share my thoughts related to the languages. Lastly, I just want to clear all the queries such as the time I have invested to learn the language doesn’t go waste, etc. So I will try my best to get astonishing and accurate knowledge related to every language.  

If anyone having an interest in writing a blog or you want to do blogging I can help you. You can directly message me on my social media handle.