9 Amazing Reasons why you should choose Bootstrap CSS framework

9 Amazing Reasons why you should choose Bootstrap CSS framework.

Is learning Bootstrap genuinely helpful for my project or in the future? Why Bootstrap why not other frameworks? How should I start discovering Bootstrap? Having so many questions let’s discuss.

Basically, it’s a very genuine question for every newbie that which CSS framework should I learn? If you’re new to the Front-end framework then choosing a framework is a little bit difficult. There are numerous css frameworks to learn i.e. Tailwind CSS, Bootstrap, Foundation, Materialize CSS, etc. However Bootstrap is playing an important role as the best CSS framework and the most popular one. Basically, most web developers especially those who are in the beginner level stage choose bootstrap for the front-end framework. 

Furthermore, the best part is Bootstrap is used by almost 27.2% of all the websites that is approx 22.3% of all websites. That’s INSANE. Bootstrap is a 100% responsive framework, and that is the most important crucial factor due to which web developers choose Bootstrap over its competitor. Bootstrap provides amazing documentation and good community support which really helps to understand every concept. In conclusion, choosing the best CSS framework is very important and Bootstrap is the most suitable framework for you.

So in this blog, we will discuss 9 amazing reasons why you should choose the Bootstrap CSS framework for your next project.

Let’s get started.

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What is Bootstrap?

Bootstrap CSS framework

Bootstrap is the world’s most popular front-end framework for building responsive, mobile-first sites and a template starter page. It contains CSS and JavaScript-based design templates for typography, forms, buttons, navigation, and other interface components. It is originally named Twitter Blueprint, which was developed by Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton at Twitter as a framework to encourage consistency across internal tools. Lastly, they have added amazing features to increase productivity so that every developer can easily develop applications in a few minutes.

Basically, most web developers especially those who are in the beginner level stage choose bootstrap for the front-end framework. In general, Bootstrap is primarily responsible for CSS’s popularity as a framework alternative for web development.

9 Amazing reasons to start loving Bootstrap

1. Most Easy and Popular Front-End Framework:

Bootstrap is the world’s most popular open-source project that is extremely straightforward to install. It provides you with plenty of free and premium templates for almost any kind of project. Not only this it also affords you an astounding SVG icon library and premium themes that are marvellous.

Bootstrap is pretty easy to understand no matter whether you are in the beginner level stage. Having a basic knowledge of web development( HTML, CSS and JavaScript) is sufficient to understand quickly.

2. Pre-Built Templates:

build projects

Bootstrap offers, out of the box, pre-built templates with almost all the UI components you’re ever likely to need. Almost everything, navigation, forms, cards, modals, buttons, badges, progress bars, alerts,  Carousel, Dropdowns, etc. This really helps developers to make it easier for them even without having prior experience. Also for companies, this practically cuts down the need to have a dedicated front-end team.

3. 100% Responsive:

Responsive bootstrap

Nowadays developing a responsive website is one of the most important factors while developing any web application. Responsive design can help you solve a lot of problems for your website. It will make your site mobile-friendly, improves the way it looks on devices with both large and small screens. It also increases the amount of time that visitors spend on your site. So It’s a 100% responsive framework, and responsiveness is a crucial factor due to which people choose Bootstrap over its competitor.

4. LESS and SASS Support:

Bootstrap utilizes the two most popular preprocessors LESS and SASS and the best part is they support both LESS and SASS. It is easily customizable using SASS. You can install the project with npm, import the parts you need, and use SASS variables to customize almost everything. Learning how to customize Bootstrap websites with SASS can significantly cut your development time.

5. Grid System:

Grid system bootstrap

Basically, we have already discussed that developing a responsive website is a crucial factor as nowadays the usage of smartphones increasing day by day. Since you are using bootstrap which is already based on “Mobile-First” its grid system can divide the screen into 12 equal columns and accommodate the elements according to the screen size. This makes your website’s front-end mobile-friendly.

It has a prevalent grid system based on flexbox and provides reusable components like tables, navbars, dropdowns, etc.

6. Open Source

open source

Actually, this is one of the most remarkable parts of bootstrap that it’s an open-source framework hosted on GitHub. So now you don’t have to face any license issues while modifying your projects. Also, it encourages other developers to contribute so that it can grow at a steady pace.

7. Long-Term Support

Basically in the introduction part of bootstrap, we have already seen that it is developed by Twitter as a framework. Now it is maintained by a hundred developers, ensuring the stable release and long-term support. Basically, whenever you are developing any application and it is backed by an established entity and is not a one-person show, it gives faith to the community (especially the enterprise customers) that the project will have a clear roadmap and long-term future.

8. Cross-Browser Compatibility

Cross-Browser Compatibility

Cross-browser compatibility can be defined as the ability of a website or application to support various web browsers identically. Basically, the developers who are using Bootstrap will rarely land into browser compatibility issues because of its well-maintained and well-tested codebase. It ensures the compatibility of the framework with all the modern browsers versions and platforms.

9. Best Documentation and Huge Community Support

Being a web developer Bootstrap has outstanding documentation and is very easy to understand. No matter whether if you are a beginner or advanced developer it allows numerous resources to their documentation. In addition, it has its own open-source SVG icon library, next level premium themes, and many more for the developers. Lastly, it has huge community support if somewhere you are stuck with an error and you couldn’t figure out why it went wrong using Google, you can post a question. Expert developers who walked your path will definitely help you out.

Wrapping Up!

So here we have seen some amazing features of Bootstrap or we can say reasons why Bootstrap should be your CSS framework to learn. Right now bootstrap is available with version 5 and very slight changes have been done in bootstrap5. v5.1.0 has arrived and is packed with exciting new features and improvements. There’s experimental support for CSS Grid, offcanvas in the navbar, a new placeholders component, horizontal collapse support, new helpers, new CSS variables in our utilities, refactored JavaScript, and more.

Boostrap is one of the world’s best CSS frameworks now so you can try it out for your applications. It really helps you in front-end development very well. So that’s it for the blog I hope it will help you. Share with your friends and colleague and tell me your own opinion.

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