9 Amazing Apps Every College Student Must Try| Best Apps.

Want to learn a new thing there’s an app, want to make your day productive there’s an app, want to listen to songs and podcasts still, there’s an app. We can say that we are engaged with so many apps and some of them through which we can’t live without them. Every 10 minutes we open Instagram and check reels and thanks to lockdown this habit turned too much.

According to Google, there are 2.56 million apps are available in the google play store. Some of them are very important, especially for college students. Being a college student I almost used 7-8 apps every day and in this modern time that you can’t probably find a student who doesn’t use innovative apps. Those apps really make their life easy.

There are a lot of mobile applications which students use not only for the entertainment purpose for studying, for designing, trading, making schedules, and also for making money.

So considering all of these things I have listed the top 10 mobile applications which definitely helps if you are a college student and want to do something in your life. I have covered each and everything such as how you can manage your time and make your day productive, If you are a blogger or a YouTuber or interested in designing then there is an app( we will discuss later). And the most important part of college life is how you can make money through apps and how to get internships and a job. So all of these things have an app we will discuss in a detailed way.

Let’s get started

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The notion is an all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, calendar, reminders, and databases. Everyone wants to live clear and organized way and the notion accommodates you there. It provides you single space to organize everything you need. Whether you are making notes, making some future plans, making to-do lists, managing your projects, etc. you can create a separate space, and one more thing you can even run your own amazing business.

I already using it for the last 8 to 9 months and it’s a pretty good experienced. Notion helps me to be consistent and productive in my life. I used Notion for various purposes, such as making a to-do list for every day, putting all the interesting articles so that I can read in my free time, creating content, and many more. Even I also use it for a digital marketing journey, whatever I learn I simply write there. So yeah is a very good platform for a student to be productive. There is also one more platform Evernote you can use any one of them.

You can also check out their YouTube channel.



It’s a very cool app that helps you to stay focused on whatever it is that you’re doing in the here and now. Whether you’re doing work, studying, or spending time with friends, Forest is an app that will help you stay focused. The main idea of this app is whenever you start studying with Forest they will plant a tree. The app is partnered with a real-tree-planting organization, Trees for the Future. Your tree will grow while you focus on your work and whenever you leave the app your plant will die so you don’t want this.



It’s a free-to-use online graphical tool that combines design, photo-editing, and layout to help students create beautifully finished projects. Canva makes branding images as simple as a drag and drop. Whether you choose to use your logo, social media handles, or a hashtag, what was once a time-consuming task will only take a few minutes. Canva’s transparency tool also means that branding your images can look smooth and non-invasive to the viewer.

These apps really make my work so easy. I use Canva for various purposes such as I have designed my website logo, Instagram stories and posts, images that you see on my site, featured images, and many more. One of the most important factors of using Canva is you can start your freelancing journey with Canva.

There are so many freelancing jobs you can do with Canva such as logo designing, graphic designing, creating Instagram posts, etc. If you want to check how you can easily earn through Canva you can check out this video.



Nowadays English grammar and spelling are a mess for so many students and it is totally understandable. Nobody is perfect. Even if you’ve been speaking and writing the language your whole life, it’s still easy to spell a word wrong. While you can find most of your mistakes by carefully improving your work, that process is time-consuming.

To catch more errors more quickly, you can use Grammarly. It automatically checks your work for common grammar, spelling, and usage errors. When it finds an error, it highlights it and even explains what you should write instead. It’s not perfect, but it’s lightyears better than the built-in spelling/grammar checker in any word processor.

I am using Grammarly when I have started my blogging journey and it really helps me a lot. I don’t want to do any grammar mistakes, any spelling mistakes so I download this. It helps me to improve my writing and speaking skills. There is one more benefit of using Grammarly it provides you synonyms of every word so it also helps me.



LinkedIn is one of the largest business-oriented networking websites specially designed for professionals. It has over 500 million members, in over 200 countries. A professionally written LinkedIn profile allows you to create an online professional brand that provides you so many opportunities and you can make connections with people of the same interests that you may not have been aware of without the help of social media.

Being a college student at the end everyone needs internships and a job so you can use LinkedIn to establish a professional online presence, which is important for getting jobs,  internships, and volunteer opportunities while still in college. I am using LinkedIn for the last year and I have connected with so many people. I have a blogging and programming interest so I mostly connected with those people I talk to and learn from them.

By the way, you can also connect with me through LinkedIn. Here is my profile id: www.linkedin.com/in/prakashmishra2529


fiverr logo

If you don’t know about Fiverr then Fiverr is an online marketplace showcase platform where you can show your skills to get a job. It’s a place that connects sellers and interested buyers. There are more than 2.3 million sellers and 5 million people ready to workFiverr’s mission is to change how the world works together. Fiverr connects businesses with freelancers offering digital services in 300+ categories.

It’s a very ideal place to make money while sitting at your home. By the way, in Fiverr, you can become both a seller and buyer.

How to make an account on Fiverr?

  1. From Fiverr’s homepage, click Join.
  2. Enter your email address and click Continue. …
  3. Choose your username! …
  4. Choose your password and click Join.
  5. You are now registered on Fiverr! …
  6. Within the activation email you receive from Fiverr, click Activate Your Account.

Investment applications

College is actually one of the best opportunities to get started in the world of investing. Even those with only a little bit of amount can begin to build a portfolio, and it can actually be an advantage because you’ll be learning how to invest and dealing with certain losses without having any risk of losing a large amount of money.

Basically, there is a lot of apps such as Upstox, grow, VIGRX, 5 paise, etc. I mainly use Upstox for stock trading and Demat account.


As I am also a college student so I know how much music plays an essential role. Listening to some fun tunes while studying is even proven to reduce student stress and even test anxiety, as music can be a huge help with processing emotions and can be uplifting in many cases. 

So Spotify apps help you where you can listen, any songs whether it is English, Lofi songs, Hindi songs, Gym songs, and many more. You will get a complete playlist of every song. Spotify makes playlists based on your listening habits (what you like, share, save, skip) and the listening habits of others with similar tastes.

The most important thing about Spotify is you can also listen to podcasts. I mainly listen to podcasts on Digital Marketing and Startup. I mainly download them listen whenever I free and make notes on Notion whatever I have learned so you can also do the same thing.



Being a college student learning new skills always benefits you a lot. There are many reasons why people choose to learn a new skill whether it’s for a hobby or work, spending time learning a new skill has far more benefits than simply learning the skill itself. It helps you to get new knowledge and gains some new experiences. We all know that at the end of college life we have to learn at least one skill so that we can make a career on it.

So Udemy helps you while learning new skills It provides you with thousands of video tutorials where you learn any field and learn new skills or improve existing ones. Whether you are interested in Coding or in Digital Marketing or blogging, apps have made many courses you can select by checking their rating and how many students have enrolled or yeah money.

Final Thoughts

So that’s it for the blog I hope these 9 applications help you in your college time. Every application has a particular purpose first one(Notion) is for making notes, to-do lists, Canva is for design purposes, and for freelancing, You can also use Fiverr for Freelancing, there are trading applications such as Upstox, and many more. I know most of them are already using it and that’s very good. There are still various applications for students I will definitely cover them in the future blog. Share it with your friends if you feel interesting.

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