7 Exclusive Coding Projects Ideas You Must Add To Your Resume

7 Exclusive Coding Projects Ideas You Must Add To Your Resume

Are you in your 3rd year or in 4th year of Engineering and want to make amazing projects so that you stand out different in the placement round or want to get an internship then this blog for you. Try to read till the end!!!!

Mostly the students from the 3rd year start preparing for internships and this is the best time to start preparing for placement also. Basically, you have only one year left and then you have to hustle for a job. As a 3rd year student, it’s best to start preparing for your placement from now.

Since you will have to tackle both college education and the placement preparations simultaneously, it can seem like a burden. How can you tackle it now? But the pressure will only increase in your 4th year. Time is of the essence, so it’s best to seize the opportunities NOW.

But wait do you know that according to industry estimates, 15 lakh engineers graduate in India every year out of which only 2.5 lakh students land relevant jobs in technical domains. Out of those roughly 2.2 lakh openings are in software, within which a vast majority (1.8 lakh jobs) are in IT services.


There is a huge competition for a single job lakhs of student are applying for an individual job. Since you are preparing for internships or placement, have you ever thought about how you can come to those 2.5 lakhs students? how you can highlight yourself from other learners? how can you scramble together some kind of portfolio to show recruiters you’re worth your salt?

Let me tell you there are countless techniques to show your skills to the recruiter to influence them to grab the opportunity very well and developing projects is one of them. Projects are the best way to show your skills what you have learnt till now and how best you are suitable for a particular job.

Here’s the list of 7 Exclusive Coding projects ideas you must add to your resume

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1. Create Machine Learning Model Projects:

Currently, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Data Science are the hottest fields in technology right now. From healthcare and agriculture to manufacturing, energy, and retail, many companies across industries are leveraging these technologies to get ahead. Every company have different Machine Learning problems so you have to skilled AI/ML developer to tackle all the problems. Hence, it is truly threatening to explore these domains, especially if you are a newbie.

Following are the Machine Learning projects you can add to your resume:

  1. Face Mask Detection
  2. Fashion Recommendation System
  3. Google Landmark Detection Model or Weather Forecasting
  4. Covid-19 Vaccine Analysis
  5. Recommendation system: Amazon, Spotify, etc.

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2. Create Data Science Visualization

Nowadays, Data Science is in huge demand and according to Stack Overflow, Data Scientist is the top 5 highest paid jobs across the world. Isn’t it awesome? Data Science has been in the limelight for nearly a decade now.

What is Data Visualization?

Now if you don’t know what data visualization is it’s basically putting the analyzed data in the form of visuals i.e. graphs, images. When data scientists analyze complex datasets they also need to understand the insights collected. Data Visualization will make it easier for them to understand through graphs and charts.

Following are the Data Science Visualization projects you can add to your resume:

  1. Bar Chart Data Visualization
  2. Box Plot Data Visualization
  3. Map Data Visualization
  4. Heatmap Data Visualization
  5. Scatter Plot Data Visualization

3. API Based Projects


Basically, we all are using Ola and Uber to book a cab or Zomato and Swiggy to ordered food. In all these apps we can see a map from where we can find out how much time will delivery boy takes to deliver your food. The same things happen in Ola and Uber. But have you ever thought about how these things happen? It is all because of GOOGLE Maps API.

Now if you don’t know what API is It stands for Application Programming Interface and is a way for two or more pieces of software to communicate. For example, Google has an API that allows you to get information about maps and Twitter has an API that lets you send tweets programmatically. Usually, an API usually has documentation that lets you know how to request information from it. 

There are thousands of APIs for all sorts of different purposes such as NASA Open APIs, SpaceX API, Open Weather API, COVID19 API, and many more. Even Instagram, Twitter, Amazon review have their own APIs. So it’s amazing to create projects while using API and add to your resume.

4. Portfolio Based Projects


Nowadays, one way to make an amazing first impression in today’s secure job market is to create a career portfolio—also known as a work portfolioprofessional portfolioemployment portfolio, or job portfolio.

Basically, a developer portfolio is a website where they can explain their education, skills, achievements, a short biography, resume, samples of your work, award and honours, and many more. These things really impress a recruiter to hire you instead of others. If you are planning to make a career as a web developer then this is a must for you.

5. Full-Stack Projects

full stack projects

Web development refers to the building and maintaining of websites. It includes various tasks such as web design, web publishing, web programming, and database management. Nowadays, every company has its individual website and for maintaining the website they require a highly certified web developer. So if you are a Full-Stack web developer having amazing experience in Front-end, Back-end and Databases then you are good to go.

Web development is a dynamic field because technologies and web design trends keep on changing with time. It is necessary for a web developer to remain updated with the latest tools and techniques.

Basically to perceive the astonishing experience you have to create full-stack projects where you have to build a fully responsive website by yourself. You have to develop the Front-end part as well as the Back-end part by yourself. Full-Stack projects play an important role in practical learning. It keeps developers learn new things and how to properly implement that. If you create something useful that has market demand then it can be a wonderful startup idea.

6. Mixed-Tech Projects

Mixed tech

Mixed-Tech projects what does it mean? It means you are collaborating more than two technologies together and developing an amazing project. For e.g. You can integrate the ML model with mobile applications. Such as Machine learning can do the analysis of targeted user behaviour patterns and have searching requests to make suggestions as well as recommendations. It is extensively used in mobile e-commerce applications. А video and audio recognition is even a type of ML used in entertainment domains like Snapchat.

So you can work with a group of students where you can merge different technologies and create an application that is amazing. This is the best way to show your valuable skills to the recruiters.

7. Research Paper Projects

Research paper

Being a college student I know we have to write a lot of research papers. So we have to find a perfect research paper which we can implement and make a project. Hence it is important to master the skill of finding the right research paper topics. Unfortunately, not all the topics you are interested in maybe that easy to write about.

Whenever you are finding a research paper try to keep 2 things in mind how much interested you’re, you have enough knowledge to implement it, and many more things.

here’s the 200 Best Research Paper Topics for 2020 + Examples

Wrapping Up

Projects are the best way to influence recruiters if you don’t know there is a project round where you have to discuss with the recruiters about your projects and it will be really fun.

So that’s it for the blog I hope this blog really helps you to find amazing projects. These 7 project ideas are just awesome try to implement them and add them to your resume. Now you can easily crack any interview whether it is Google, Facebook or Microsoft.

I hope you really loved it please share it with your friends and colleague and tell me your own opinion. If you feel something should be more added to this blog you can message me on my social media handles.


1. Why you should add projects to your resume?

Ans: Projects are the best way to show your skills what you have learnt till now and how best you are suitable for a particular job. Following are the reasons why you add projects to your resume:

  1. Showing your valuable skills.
  2. Solving real world problems.
  3. Really helpful in resume based interviews.
  4. Stand out different in the placement round.

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