5 Remarkable Features of ReactJS | Is ReactJs a library or framework?

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Hey, Everyone, I hope you all are doing amazing in learning to code. I am Prakash Mishra, and I would like to tell you all the extraordinary information regarding the JavaScript Frameworks i.e. ReactJS that is the completeness of the numerous emerging and switching into popular frameworks in the world. If you have a background in Web Development then you can understand that frameworks are so much important to build a website.

Before that, I have already made a full article The 7 Best outstanding Javascript Frameworks to use in 2021. So in this article, we can determine why React is so much popular in the frameworks?. Are you interested to learn React and want to get all the information regarding the frameworks?. So this article is completely for you in which I have included all the kinds of stuff linked to the frameworks. Such as Definitions, What are ReactJS Frameworks?, Interesting Facts of React, Features of the React, Why you have to use Frameworks? and even more things. We will also see that Is React a Framework?.

Following are the questions which we will discuss in this article:

  1. What is ReactJS?
  2. How ReactJS works
  3. History
  4. The latest version of the ReactJS
  5. Interesting Facts of React
  6. Features of the React
    1. JSX
    2. Virtual DOM
    3. One-Way Data Binding
    4. Component
    5. Performance
  7. Is react a library or framework?

What is ReactJs?

React logo
React logo

React(also known as React.js or ReactJs) is an open-source, declarative, efficient front-end JavaScript library that is specifically designed for building interactive UIs(User Interface). It is developed by Facebook in 2011. It’s a component front-end library that is responsible for the view layer of applications. React is a “V” in MVC( Model-View-Controller).

Currently, ReactJS is ranked #1 as the best framework among web developers. Almost 475k sites are using React. Some giant companies such as Facebook, Netflix, Airbnb, Reddit, Tesla, etc are using React.

Official site of ReactJs

How ReactJS works

Every application that is addressed in React is built up of versatile components. Each component is accountable for rendering a small, reusable, piece of HTML. It is produced with simple views for each position in your applications. And React will help you to modify or update the right component whenever you modify web applications.

Now lets us see by a graph that which framework is more popular, emerging and futuristic.

So we can easily say that React are the most popular frameworks which developers are using.


React was actually born in Facebook ads org. Basically, what happens they are building simple client-side applications. While adding more features to that application Facebook developers realized that we are facing some issues and because of that the application becomes very complicated and slows down a lot. To small change somewhere deep in the tree would end up effectively having to re-ender the entire app. They call these things cascading updates.

Then engineers at Facebook recognized that the code demanded an urgent update to become more efficient and effective. After that, they think what are the problems they are facing and one of them is User experience. So Jordan Walke tried to build a prototype that will make the process efficient and a reasonable user experience. And that’s how ReactJS give birth. The first initial public release version i.e. 0.3.0 was released on 29 May 2013.

The latest version of the ReactJS

Currently, we are using React 17.0.1 version which was released in the 22 October 2020. They have alos written a blog in which they have covered all the features or update they have done in the version.

React v17.0 blog

Interesting Facts of ReactJS

  1. ReactJs is a leading front-end development tool.
  2. Virtual DOM is faster than real DOM.
  3. React is not just a Fad.
  4. React development and SEO go together.

Features of ReactJS

There are a bunch of amazing specialties of ReactJs that encourage you to learn the framework. React developers are trying their best to add all the fantastic features that help all brilliant programmers to write up code in a very limited period of time. These amazing features make the framework so much desire in the current epoch. So following is the list of the topmost 5 exceptional features that benefit you to experience the framework in very useful ways.


JSX is one of the best features of ReactJs. It stands for JavaScript XML. It is a JavaScript syntax extension whose syntax is similar to HTML. JSX is a combination of JavaScript + XML. Basically, JSX is mainly utilized for communicating React components very efficiently. Because of that, it is faster than normal J.S. that makes it more straightforward to create templates.

Virtual DOM

It helps developers not to update whole things whenever they modify web applications. Basically, for every object that is present in the original DOM, there is an object in React virtual DOM. It works as a one-way data binding. Whenever we modify the web applications virtual DOM is updated. After that they compared both the DOM and then React exactly knows where is the difference between both the DOM. And then they update the original DOM. It really helps developers a lot.

One-Way Data Binding

ReactJs supports unidirectional data flow or Data Binding. It encourages you to better control your applications.


The component is one of the most important building blocks of ReactJS. Every application you will develop in React is made up of small pieces called components. It helps you to make the task of building UIs much easier. And these components are reusable and because of that, we can easily maintain the code while working on large-scale projects.


As we all know that React is the #1 framework because of its feature and performance. React uses the JSX feature. It additionally applies virtual DOM which helps to diminish so much time while modernizing web pages.

Is react a library or framework?

This is a very heated argument that whether React is a framework or JS library. Mostly, React developers are saying that React is a framework but on the official website of React, It’s totally cleared that “React is a JS library for building User Interface”. Firstly, Libraries and Frameworks are the set of rules, libraries have fewer rules compared to frameworks. Secondly, whenever you have the power to call the code then it will be libraries on the other hand if Frameworks has the power to calls your code for further development then it is a framework. React doesn’t provide these features. Instead of this React provides methods that help web developers properly manage front-end development.

So in this article, we have covered all the basic points regarding the framework. In the next blog that will be part 2 of the React framework we will discuss some advanced level or more interesting topics such as best CSS framework for React, what is React native, ReactJs projects, and even more.

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