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15+ killer websites for web developers| Make Your Work Easy

Do you know how a killer websites for web developers increases your productivity 3 times!!!

In this modern world, Web Development is one the hottest technologies which everyone wants to learn and grab an amazing opportunity.

Currently, everyone has their own website whether it is an organization, an e-commerce site, or a personal blog. As we are web developers we believe in smart work more than hard work.

There is numerous killer websites for web developers that really help to increase our productivity and let your website to the next level. They are really helpful to make life much easier than before.

Following are the top 15+ killer websites for web developers:

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15+ killer websites for web developers

1) Unsplash API

Unsplash is an API that provides beautiful and free high-definition images and photos that you can easily download and directly use on your projects.

Mostly, web developers use images on their projects and with the help of Unsplash, you don’t have to ask any permission to anyone freely use them for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

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This is one of the best tools for web developers to use in their daily life.

Peppertype is a copywriting or an instant content generator tool powered by artificial intelligence that fulfills content needs in different domains or niches.

It gives amazing features such as blog ideas and topics, outline, introduction, SEO optimized meta title, engaging tweet ideas, and many more. Do check it out.

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3) Carbon

Carbon is the best web development tool sometimes we need to show our source code to anyone else. With the help of Carbon, we can create and show our source code to anyone else and it looks marvelous.

Let me show you an example. You just have to type or drop a file into the text area.

Click here.

4) Poet. so

Poet. so helps you to capture and Twitter post as a beautiful image. You could use this as social proof on your website.

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CSS GG is an icon tool which is providing more than 700+ CSS Precise and Detailed UI Icons — provided with a well-organized Figma components library.

It’s a very lightweight, easy-to-use, agile, and retina-ready tool where icons are totally available in CSS, SVG, etc.

CSS GG is an Open-source CSS, SVG, and Figma UI Icons that is available in SVG Sprite, styled components, NPM & API.

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6) Meta Tags

Being a Web developer meta tags are very important for Search Engine Optimization that helps you to impact how your site appears on Google chrome.

It affects your site traffic and engagement rate and also your website rankings. So it’s very important to improve your meta tags.

Meta tags will help you it’s a tool to debug and generate meta tags for every website. With the help of Meta Tags, you can see a preview of how your webpage looks on Google chrome, Twitter, Facebook, and many more.

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7) Sitechecker

SEO plays a very important role in the ranking factors and we have to improve our site SEO for better engagement.

Sitechacker is an SEO analyzer that helps you to quickly identify technical on-page SEO issues. It also analyzes search appearances every day and updates your to-do list based on changes happening in terms of your website content, website rankings, and many more.

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8) Responsively

It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is Time.

– Steve Jobs

So try to use it wisely. Responsively is one of the best websites for front-end developers that will make your job much easier.

As a web developer designing a responsive website is quite difficult so Responsive will help you to develop responsive web apps 5x faster. That’s INSANE!!!

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9) extractCSS

As we all know CSS is the beauty of every website that makes the website look beautiful. It gives the website look and layout.

So extract CSS is a JavaScript library and an online tool that lets you extract element ID, class, and inline styles from HTML documents and output them as CSS stylesheets.

Let me show you an example.

Click here.

10) Griddy

CSS grid helps you to create a two-dimensional layout on a web page and arrange all the grid items in a specified row and column structure.

Basically, you can learn CSS grid with an amazing example and you can create your own grid.

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11) Hex Invaders

Hex code is one of the key factors of giving appropriate color to your website. It’s very important to understand how hex decimal code.

Hex Invaders is a fun way to learn and understand what hex codes are and how they work.

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12) Keyframes

As we have already discussed CSS how it plays a vital role in our website. Here Keyframes play an important role for web developers.

Keyframes help you to write better CSS for your site. Simply you can create basic or complex CSS @keyframe animations with a visual timeline editor similar to video-editing software.

Basically, you can create single or multi-layer box shadows just by moving some sliders, colors, and many more.

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13) Paletton

Paletton helps you to understand the color scheme you need. It can be used as a learning tool for the students and even you can use it for art or photography.

Make sure you choose the right color and find a new interesting tone, shades, and schemes that can help you to upgrade your work.

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14) Unminify

It’s a free tool to unminify (unpack) JavaScript, CSS, HTML, XML, and JSON code, making it readable and pretty.

Click here.

15) Profile Pic Maker

Make an awesome profile picture from any photo and give different backgrounds.

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16) SigmaOS

Fly through your work. The browser that makes you faster and better at working on the web.

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Web developer always has to work smart rather than hard work and there is a killer websites for web developers that really makes our work so easy. So why not we can use it in our daily life.

I hope your learned something new as a web developer and this 16 website helps you to build a website much faster. So try to use it and not only do some research and find out more websites.

Let me know if you find something new. You can ping me on my social media handles. I hope this article helps you and clears your thoughts regarding the website that makes it easier. Share with your friends and colleagues. Peace.

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